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Please select one of the following design options from our website.
Please type in the Mascot Name needed for the mock-up.
Please note the colors for your team or mascot.
Please leave the city name if needed for the design.
Please leave the state if needed for the design.
Please select a tshirt color for the mock-up
Please leave any additional specific information here. Be as specific as possible for your design to be created any changes will add another 7 business days to be redesigned.
Please leave your email address where we can send your mock-up once completed.
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Mock-Up Design Request


This is for the mock up ONLY. No transfers will be made. 


Please Note: We are 14 BUSINESS DAYS out on custom mockups at this time. Please keep this in mind before proceeding with your custom requests.

Due to the high volume of custom requests, mock ups are REQUIRED for any customization not readily available on our website prior to ordering transfers. This ensures that the company and the customer are in agreement on design specifics and the product received is the specific product requested. The mock up request and associated fee is compensation for our time to design this specific request for you and provide you with an image you can use to gauge interest from your customers. The associated $10 fee is refunded back to you after your MOQ purchase has been made via discount code toward your next order. The mock up fee does not include rights or exclusivity to a specific design file.

How It Works:

  1. Place your custom request using this mock up form. Please be as specific as possible.
  2. Email any mascot images you would like to use in your specific design to These images have to be high resolution, true PNG files with transparent backgrounds or SVG files. JPG files, screenshots, PNG files without transparent backgrounds will not be of use for your design. If no mascot image is provided, your design will not include a mascot at all. We will not pull files from a search engine to fulfill your request.
  3. Wait up to 14 business days for your mockup. Your mock up will be delivered via the email address provided on your mock up design request. You will receive a mock up, JPG image of your design on a t shirt, and a link to order your transfers.
  4. Approve your design or request a design adjustment. One design adjustment is included in your mock up fee after receiving the initial design. Subsequent changes will incur a $5 fee per change. When a change is requested, the design will go back in our cue. Current turn around time for changes is 7 business days.
  5. Order your desired number of transfers. Please remember a MOQ of 4 Adult HTV transfers is required.
  6. Email/Message us to let us know your order has been placed. We will review your purchase. If the purchase meets the required minimum, you will receive a one time discount code of $10, per mock up request, to be used on anything on our website. It is your responsibility to contact us to review your order.
  7. Mockups are a design created and sent to you as a computer generated image not an actual print. Colors will never match exactly from a computer image and a an actual printed transfer.

Information Needed:

  1. Name of Design - Choose a design name from our website. Example: Small Town Vibes or Swash. If you do not see what you are looking for, choose ‘Other’.
  2. Mascot - If you would like a specific mascot, we will need a high resolution, true PNG file with transparent background or SVG file. You can typically request this from your local school office. Please email these to us at
  3. Colors For The Design
  4. Mock Up T Shirt Color - Please remember that this is the t shirt color that you want your design to be displayed on for you to use to gauge interest from your customers. You are not purchasing a t shirt.

Effective: Tuesday, September 23, 2020