Team Aztec Letter Style Vinyl Decal

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Please type in the mascot name you would like for us to customize going across.
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Team Aztec Letter Style Vinyl Decal
  • This is a customizable decal please leave the name and lettering in the text box.
  • Our customized vinyl decals are ONLY offered in sets of 25.

Vinyl decals are perfect adhesive stickers to apply to your car, tumbler, camp trunks, locker storage and more. We use a outdoor gloss vinyl that works great for vehicles that can be removed with little to no adhesive remover for up to 4 years. It can be removed with a razor blade and alcohol.  

  • Car Decals measure approx 6"
Installation Instructions:
1. Clean application area. Use water or alcohol (no Windex). We do not recommend apply decal when surface you applying to is extremely hot or extremely cold.
2. Prepare the decal by rubbing a credit card across the transfer tape. 
3. Peel the white paper backing off the sticker. If part of decal tries to peel off, re-rub the area with credit card.
4. Slowly place the decal onto the desired surface. Rub/Press decal firmly with credit card.
5. Slowly peel the tape off from a top corner down at a 45 degree angle.